She was in the He-Man & The Masters of the Multiverse comic. I also made Saryn, Horde Kittens, Queen Balina Crystoll & Eternity He-Man.

Heroic Warrior with Awesome Might
On a different Eternia in the multiverse, He-Man distributed the Power of Grayskull to a team of new Masters of the Universe, which he called the He-Force. 
Valiant Tina, a brave warrior from Eternia's Nightmare Jungle, she received the power of Flying Fists to attack evil. She swings her arms making both her shield & three-headed mace spin. The He-Force traveled to Anti-Eternia & fought against Anti-Eternia He-Man, who had killed different versions of He-Man across the multiverse.
Valiant Tina fights the supernatural forces of darkness on Eternia, especially her nemesis, the Crimson Countess.



 She appeared in the recent DC comics. I also made Sharella Uromastyx

Cursed Witch of Anwat Gar

A Gar handmaiden who was like a daughter to King Grayskull until she poisoned him. Childless, she was told by Adi, one of the Council of Elders, that she would be a mother one day but only if she killed King Grayskull. She did not realize that it was really King Hiss disguised as Adi. He gave her a cursed blade which she used to slice King Grayskull's neck, killing him & spilling his blood everywhere, leading her to the Sword of Protection. She fled with it and was cursed to guard it until it was claimed by it's rightful owner.

When King Miro's ship crashed upon the shores of Anwat Gar, Saryn fell in love with him & bore him a son, Keldor. They sailed away but she remained on the island until Adora arrived to claim the Sword of Protection during the Horde invasion of Eternia.



This guy was in the Obelisk mini-comic. I also made the Horde Groom & Mow-Dar.

Heroic Hunter
Once a year a great obelisk rises from the ground. Its powers and meaning are always different. Mekaneck was able to read the words at the top of the Obelisk: "Ooogle Galump Galee." Temple of Darkness Sorceress explained that the writings on the obelisk were a prophecy of things to come. If you say "power to good" the obelisk will release something to help you in battle. 
He-man said the words & the Obelisk released Uromastyx who exclaimed "I fight on the side of good. I search and destroy." This yellow lizard man uses all of his senses to search for anything that He-Man needs him to find. He also uses his scaly skin & large tail to destroy anything in his way.
When He-Man & Skeletor shouted their command at the exact moment, this made the obelisk tremble then begin to crumble.