Horde Groom

This obscure guy was in the book Spirit is Kidnapped. I also made Lion-or, Brightmoon Guards and Tehkee.

Evil Stable Hand

Unhappy with Vultak, Catra had Overseer bring her a Krylon slave from the Mines of Mondor to groom Storm. He eventually came to care for Catra and all her other animals.
Horde Groom is entrusted with Catra's pets while she is away. Storm, Clawdeen & the Cat-birds are all under his supervision. Catra wanted him to tame Spirit when she kidnapped Adora's horse but he was thrown off Spirit's back.
When he joined the Horde and abandoned his own people, his inside knowledge enabled Hordak to kidnap Adora from the equestrian kingdom while she slept. 

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  1. digging it i swear i learn about so many characters from the guys you make keep it up