False Face

This is my 10 year old custom False Face. He's from the She-Ra cartoon. I didn't know anything about him, except that he was a spy like Mystique. It's not much of a power so I decided to give him a Horde Slider.


Princess Rana

I figured she needed something extra in order to make her a Master of The Universe so now she has magic powers like Vixen. I tried to give her simple X's on the sides of her dress but the female MOTUC body made that look terrible so her side straps cover more. I guess an official one would need to use the Battleground Teela body, I didn't use one because I needed the bare arms. Once again the head is where I have trouble because I had to use another Glimmer head. She's from the He-man Mini-Comic Slave City

Princess Rana
When He-man rescued her city, Targa, from Lodar, Princess Rana realized that she needed to learn how to defend herself & her people. She trained with her warriors until she was as dangerous as any fighter in Targa. Rana the warrior princess was proud that many of her people had become Palace Guards thanks to her. When The Snake Men invaded Eternia, Princess Rana knew that her fighting skills weren't enough to defend her great city of Targa. She went to the Sorceress who gave Princess Rana a repaired Shaping Staff. Rana can now call upon the spirit animals of the Evergreen Forest to channel their strength & special talents.



This is my 10 yr old custom vintage Adora. The paint I used on her shield is flaking off where it rotates. It's funny seeing her next to the official one, because the grey on the Classics Adora seems really grey now. I gave my MOTUC Adora her own shield. When the Speed Racer movie came out, I bought a Mach 6 for her to ride in, because the colors match & it's a really cool car. I've decided that it's an official Horde vehicle.


Horde Kittens

These two appear in the Golden Heroic Champions Books Too Long at The Fair. Their appearance varies so I had to decide which look they should have. I started with the orange shirt kitten & kept Katrina a brunette like in the right panel (below). Then I used the left panel for Felicia, the white haired Kitten. I ignored the cover because it's entirely different from the inside of the book.

Horde Kittens

After the Horde invaded Etheria, most of the inhabitants tried to adjust to their new life of living in constant fear. Others joined The Great Rebellion but there were a few Etherians who joined the Horde. Twin sisters Katrina & Felicia joined the Horde & worked their way up the ranks to become advance scouts. Because they were natives of the kingdom of GreenGlade, they easily blended in with the crowds and would spy on villages before the Horde would move in. They were promoted to Catra's invasion unit & became known as "Horde Kittens."
Shadow Weaver used her black magic to give them the power of compulsion, which only worked when they were together. Their mind control powers are not that powerful but the kittens are strong enough to compel even someone like Castaspella to obsessively continue performing a task. They are each an expert swordstress thanks to the training they received from Octavia.


Lizard Man

When I made this guy over 10 years ago I didn't know anything about him except that other people thought he was important, so I made one. I didn't paint his legs because I didn't have the right paint back then. I should have replaced his legs but back then I wasn't that good at taking the figures apart so he doesn't look like he's supposed to. Now there is an official release of this guy so I don't think I'll fix him. It turns out he is not that cool.