Slime Trooper

 The Slime Troopers appeared in the book Prisoner in the Slime Pit. I only made one. I also made the Kryon Guards & Detector.

Slime Trooper

Hordak's Slime Troopers protect the Slime Pit from the Great Rebellion. They are also responsible for throwing captured prisoners into the Evil Horde Slime Pit. The Slime Troppers are immune to the slime from the pit.

When Hordak had two Horde Troopers steal the Book of Wisdom from Castle grayskull, He-Man traveled to Etheria to retrieve the Book with Rokkon & Stonedar. He-Man was  over-powered by the Slime Troopers & thrown into the Slime Pit.


Kryon Guards

I got their swords from Evil Mike, I also made Wolk & General Tataran. They are super-obscure so I made a bio. They appeared in the UK She-Ra magazine "Hordak's Dragon Attack

Kryon Guards: Heroic Amazons
Adora visited the Kryon tribe of amazons with a gift of horses. That night, Modulok stole the horses. While the Kryons were retrieving them, Hordak poisoned Adora with a sleep drug & kidnapped her. With Kowl & Mermista's help, She-ra was able to return to the Kryon village.

The Kryon amazons pledged to join the Great Rebellion in their fight against the Evil Horde. These warriors contributed to many victories against the Horde. 


General Tataran

I didn't make a bio for the Goblin leader because he's in two episodes, The ArenaThe Problem with Power. I bought the head from Eternal Customs & his sword from Evil Mike's Customs. I also made Josh & the Orc Underlings.