Detector was in the UK New Adventures comics instead of Vizar so he's basically a different character.

Detector is an Oorthon from Likotha, the world of two suns.   Because his planet had 2 suns, Detector is impervious to cosmic radiation & energy based weapons. His eyes evolved to see energy beams and he can detect when there is technology present. Flogg's Mutant Goon Squad can't hide when Detector is around. Detector is the Galactic Guardians rescue expert. Whether someone is stranded on Omega 4, trapped on Zil, or lost in the Quagmi swamp, Detector can find them.

When he joined the Galactic Protectors, Vizar provided him with a special visor that let's him see like Primans. They became good friends & often go on scouting missions to Nordor. He fought alongside Hydron during the Zone Wars & now he often visits Serus to see Aquatica.

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