This guy was in Eternity War. I also made Howler, Eternity Power He-Man & Ă„rztin.

Heroic Master of Healing Magic
When King Randor was injured during an attack by Beast man & the Shadow Beasts, young Prince Adam used his mastery of Eternity to slow time so that Lt. Daegar & Mendor were able to arrive in time to save the king. 
Mendor is the royal physician who delivered Adam into Eternia. Mendor healed Teela's leg after the initial assault on Eternia by the Horde. After the Goddess commanded the snake men to serve He-Man, Mendor healed Rattlor. Rattlor was grateful as King Hiss would have let him die.
Mendor uses his mastery of healing magic to save injured warriors & citizens of Eternia.



This guy appeared in the book "Secret of the Dragon Egg" I also made K'uxajLt. Marron & Nocturna.

Evil Wolf Warrior

Howler left the land of the Wolf People & met Kothos who introduced him to the Wolf Demon. His fur became darker as he was corrupted by evil. He traveled to the dark hemisphere where he was enslaved by Beastman. When Fisto found a dragon box with a parchment to find a dragon's egg. He-Man realized that they could raise the dragon as a friend & mount. There were 3 possible locations. Whiplash went to the Forbidden Caverns where he fought Man-At-Arms. At Fire Mountain, Fisto & Stridor fought Beastman, Goat-man & Howler. The Dragon's egg was actually at Murky Lake. Howler uses his savage strength, sense of smell & wolf claws as one of Skeletor's Evil Warriors.