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He's from the She-Ra episode The Mines of Mondor. I gave him the standard horde boots, two whips & a crossbow. I also made Josh, Tugowor & Crimson Fury.

Torturor is a master of the whip & uses it to torture Horde prisoners. Torturor is a mutant from Gorn City who worked in the Tri-fusium Crystal mines. He joined the Horde & became Slave Master of the mines of Mondor. After She-Ra attacked Krytus, he was transferred to the Energy Mines, where Red Eye became his servant. He impressed Hordak enough to be taken to the past to be slave driver of the Preternians who mined the polydurate mineral rock. When Despara invaded Eternia, she took Torturor with her to oversee the Eternian prisoners during the fall of Eternia. Although he was promoted to Force Captain, Torturor prefers to torture prisoners.