King Tamusk

King Tamusk was in the episode The Time Wheel. He's the last of the sorcerer-kings & he's actually left-handed. I bought the head & club from Eternal Customs.


False Face

False Face appeared in the She-Ra episode Glimmer's Story. I gave him a Horde Trooper sword by DJ Force Weapons Forge. From Eternal Customs, his head and armor.

I also made Garn, The Crimson Fury, & the Kryon Guards.



 I also made Princess Rana & Slime Hordesman He-Man

Heroic Ancestral Warrior

Garn fought in Lodar's gladiatorial Arena of Death in the city of Targa. He-Man defeated him & spared Garn's life. After He-Man defeated Lodar, Garn & the other gladiators were freed. The exiled Princess Rana was able to return to Targa thanks to He-Man.

Garn has the ability to call on the strength of all his ancestors, making him stronger than other men. Garn ruled at Princess Rana's side when they married. Combined they made sure that Targa remained a free city.


Battleground Skeletor

After spending too much time in Despondos, an altered Skeletor returns to Snake Mountain.

He's just a parts swap because that green skull matches exactly. I also made General Tataran, Limbor & Vizar.

i had to put another angle of this picture, because i was so excited that i could get lizard man to do this without using adhesives



 Jailor appeared in the episode "Attack from Below." I also made Lt. Andra, Eternian Soldiers, Doom Troopers & Galactic Guards

Evil Prison Warden

When Trap Jaw & Beast Man were outsmarted by the Belot king Subternius, the Belots were able to escape from working in the fields as Skeletor's slaves.

Skeletor then promoted Jailor to be solely responsible for overseeing all slaves & prisoners instead of only supervising the slave living quarters.

Jailor is now the warden of all of Skeletor's slaves & prisoners, from the depths of Snake Mountain to the farthest reaches of the Dark Hemisphere.