The Crimson Fury

The Crimson Fury is from the She-Ra UK comic books/magazine issue #10. You can read the comic here: part 1, part 2, part 3. He should use Bow's bracers but Bow is too pricy to buy just for the arms. He should have a whistle around his neck but I decided not to make one.

The Crimson Fury: Heroic Desert Protector
The Crimson Fury protects desert caravans that travel across The Crimson Wastes, a lifeless desert of red sand. He protects the caravans from attacks by The Evil Horde & has caused The Horde a great deal of trouble. He patrols The Crimson Wastes with Talon, a hawk that emits a powerful sonic scream. He appears as mysteriously as he vanishes & nobody has seen his face.
The Crimson Fury joined the Great Rebellion after he & She-Ra helped free some hostages from Scorpia & Count Sneer. He went with her to Eternia & fought in the Second Ultimate Battleground where he became friends with Josh. When She-Ra went to the Tri-Solar System, he returned to The Crimson Wastes to find Scorpia ruling her desert kingdom. The Crimson Fury enlisted the aid of his friend Josh & the kingdom of Bright Moon to defeat Scorpia, making The Crimson Wastes safe for all Etherians.

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