New Adventures anniversary continues with my custom Wolk from the episode: A Time to Leave

Wolk is a mutant Myte that was ridiculed & bullied growing up on Necron due to his large size. He pretends he doesn't believe in forest spirits but secretly worships Evilseed. He was living as a hermit until Skeletor asked him to train the mutants in his fighting style. Wolk ended up fighting He-Man but was defeated. Angry at how his life was ruined thanks to He-Man & the Mytes, he joined Skeletor and the mutants to get his revenge. He became loyal to Crita, Queen of the Gleanons in his quest to destroy every Myte in the tri-solar system.


Snake Troopers

I didn't do much, I painted the heads on 4 of them a different shade of green.