The Gargons appear in the episode A Tale of Two Cities. I bought the heads & weapons from Eternal Customs. I also made the Doom Troopers.

The bird warriors of Trannis escaped to Eternia when Plundor invaded their planet. They became soldiers in the City of Targa patrolling & capturing suspected spies from the nearby city of Operon. When they caught He-Man, their queen ended up being deposed. After being replaced by Garn, Queen Balina disappeared and the Gargons left Targa to find her but their search led them to the Dark Hemisphere. When they came upon Plundor they attacked him. He notified Stinkor who mobilized the Doom Troopers to stop this attack of birdmen. During the battle Beastman was able to use his mastery over beasts to control the Gargons and stop the fighting. The Gargons continue to capture Eternians but now do so as servants of Skeletor under Beastman's control.


Admiral Scurvy


Admiral Scurvy was in the episodes Anchors Aloft Part 1 & Anchors Aloft Part 2. I bought the Admiral Scurvy head on Shapeways. I also bought the Horde shield, Horde sword & Mermista's trident from Shapeways. I painted a Clawful shield blue & yellow for battleground Mer-Man & turned a bunch of General Sundars into Aqua Troopers. I couldn't find a fat cat figurine the right size for Squall so he's skinny.

Admiral Scurvy patrols the oceans of Etheria on a Horde Dreadnought. When he isn't chasing Sea Hawk & rebellion pirates, he is searching for Crystal Falls & Mermista's kingdom.
When he conquered the Aquaticans, he promoted Octavia to commander of Octopus Cove. She rescued him before he was turned over to Queen Angella to stand trial. Admiral Scurvy has vowed revenge on Sea Hawk after his capture.
His eye patch hides the Horde blaster built into the side of his head. His pet cat, Squall is his best friend & is always by his side.