The New Adventures of He-Man anniversary continues with another obscure comic character. This woman doctor was in more panels (6) than Meow who is more famous than she is. The paint I used turned out a little darker than the comic, although she was dressed in white in a few panels so i chose her blue green look.

When He-Man was first taken into the future by the Galactic Guardians, he was injured by Skeletor's magic eye beams.  He-Man was hospitalized while Meow led an invasion of Primus. Ärztin used her advanced future medical knowledge to heal He-Man. She was rescued from danger by Hydron. Because of her actions during the mutant attack she was promoted to a Galactic Guardian as their chief medical officer. She spends most of her time at Hydron's side.
Ärztin uses her Transium Ore powered medical scanner/injector to heal wounded Guardians & incapacitate Mutants. When she isn't fighting mutants, she is working on her Anti-Mutator device, based on the healing magic of Mendor, to one day solve the mutant crisis.



Slamurai shouldn't look like a Ninja so I gave him armor that looks more Samurai-ish.



Some of these customs are really old but I finally have official versions, even if they are from Super7, so here they all are:

Buzz Off, Evil-Lyn, Evil Seed, Transforming He-Man, Crystal Man-At-Arms, Frozen Teela, Gold Statue He-Man, Mer-Man, Prince Adam, Trap Jaw, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Beast Man, Robot He-Man, Eldor, He-Ro, He-Man, Skeletor, She-Ra, Hordak