New Adventures 20th anniversary isn't over yet! This guy appeared in only 1 panel of a German comic. I figured main characters would get made officially, so I customized obscure stuff.

A Quadian whose name was unpronounceable by non-Quadians, he was nicknamed Meow by Eternians. Meow was exiled from Eternia by Chief Carnivus for his constant fighting with the Avionians. He arrived in the tri-solar galaxy on the prison ship Gaolotia and was recruited by Karatti to join the mutant goon squad. When the mutants invade a planet, Meow is always at the front leading a contingent of mutant ground troopers. He was appointed to serve as an ambassador to Catra's planet. He became conflicted about his loyalties to Flogg after spending so much time with Catra.

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