He is based on the Shaolin Monks from the movie Return to the 36th chamber. He's mostly a repaint with some big beads & nunchaku. The last picture is Ancestor fighting my custom Lizard Man.


Cat Goblins

These are Catra's Cat Goblins from The Story of She-Ra mini comic. Catra had her own army of Cat Goblins who do her bidding before the Horde Troopers ever showed up in the She-Ra mini-comics. I got the cat heads & belts from Karak Nul & the cat crossbows from Evil Mike.

During Catra's banishment in Despondos, the Horde encountered a tribe of lost Qadians living on Etheria with the Magicats. They had accidentally traveled there through a Laser Gate centuries before. Catra discovered that her Magic mask gave her the ability to control these Etherian Qadians. She commanded them to obey her & join the Horde. As a result of the prolonged enslavement at her hands, the Qadians acquired their green hue. They are now savage feline members of the Horde under Catra's direct command. Given a choice these savage Qadans prefer to attack with their fangs & claws instead of their Horde-issued weapons. They can infect other Qadians with the susceptibility to Catra's control with their bite.