He's from He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #6 so he's somewhat obscure, I bought the sword & shield from Evil Mike & the head from Plastic Curves.

Heroic Rebel Leader

On Anti-Eternia, Prince Keldor was contacted by Rebel Leader He-Man from another universe to help stop Anti He-Man, who was on a rampage across the Masterverse, killing each universe's He-Man to take the Power of Grayskull. Rebel Leader He-Man took Keldor into the future to Primus where a dying Intergalactic Skeletor gave Anti-Keldor his staff. Anti-Keldor used the staff to focus his magical abilities. They chased Anti He-Man to different universes until they returned to Anti-Eternia where the staff was destroyed but Master of Eternity He-Man distracted Anti He-Man so that Anti-Keldor could raise The Power Sword, receive the Power of Grayskull & defeat Anti He-Man.