Star Wars Jedi Force

In 2003 Playskool tried to get in on the Rescue Heroes craze with "Major Powers and The Star Squad." That wasn't so popular so they turned to licensed properties in that style, so they tried "Buzz Lightyear and The Star Squad" and they also tried "Star Wars: Jedi Force."

I was able to get all of the Star Wars: Jedi Force toys except for the Luke Skywalker with Rebel Alliance Speeder Bike. It was just a repaint of the Galactic Empire Speeder Bike with a repaint of the Luke Skywalker with Jedi Jet Pack but I have been searching for this thing for over 10 years. Every year I've searched the internet for it & in 2015 I finally found one!!

Here is my complete collection:


Human Torch

I guess they didn't make one for the same reason he was replaced by a robot on that cartoon. I used an Almighty Heroes David & I gave him a Laser Blast Cyclops backpack.

Johnny Storm

With his flame thrower

Fire Rock

And here is the whole family:

Fantastic 4

F4 with accessories

You can check out my Invisible Woman here


Invisible Woman

Ok, it's not Masters of The Universe but it's still a custom I made.

sue richards without accesories

with her invisible surfboard & rescue heroes backback

Sue & Reed Richards

I used a Rescue Heroes Flight Team Ariel Flyer who has translucent ("invisible") limbs. I gave her an Extreme Sandy Beach translucent ("invisible") surfboard & somebody's backpack.



He is based on the Shaolin Monks from the movie Return to the 36th chamber. He's mostly a repaint with some big beads & nunchaku. The last picture is Ancestor fighting my custom Lizard Man.


Cat Goblins

These are Catra's Cat Goblins from The Story of She-Ra mini comic. Catra had her own army of Cat Goblins who do her bidding before the Horde Troopers ever showed up in the She-Ra mini-comics. I got the cat heads & belts from Karak Nul & the cat crossbows from Evil Mike.

During Catra's banishment in Despondos, the Horde encountered a tribe of lost Qadians living on Etheria with the Magicats. They had accidentally traveled there through a Laser Gate centuries before. Catra discovered that her Magic mask gave her the ability to control these Etherian Qadians. She commanded them to obey her & join the Horde. As a result of the prolonged enslavement at her hands, the Qadians acquired their green hue. They are now savage feline members of the Horde under Catra's direct command. Given a choice these savage Qadans prefer to attack with their fangs & claws instead of their Horde-issued weapons. They can infect other Qadians with the susceptibility to Catra's control with their bite.



I decided to make a Dinosaur man, because that's 1 of the few things missing from Masters of the Universe. I didn't do much, just re-painted a Whiplash. He's an ally of the Snake Men from Preternia.


The Crimson Fury

The Crimson Fury is from the She-Ra UK comic books/magazine issue #10. You can read the comic here: part 1, part 2, part 3. He should use Bow's bracers but Bow is too pricy to buy just for the arms. He should have a whistle around his neck but I decided not to make one.

The Crimson Fury: Heroic Desert Protector
The Crimson Fury protects desert caravans that travel across The Crimson Wastes, a lifeless desert of red sand. He protects the caravans from attacks by The Evil Horde & has caused The Horde a great deal of trouble. He patrols The Crimson Wastes with Talon, a hawk that emits a powerful sonic scream. He appears as mysteriously as he vanishes & nobody has seen his face.
The Crimson Fury joined the Great Rebellion after he & She-Ra helped free some hostages from Scorpia & Count Sneer. He went with her to Eternia & fought in the Second Ultimate Battleground where he became friends with Josh. When She-Ra went to the Tri-Solar System, he returned to The Crimson Wastes to find Scorpia ruling her desert kingdom. The Crimson Fury enlisted the aid of his friend Josh & the kingdom of Bright Moon to defeat Scorpia, making The Crimson Wastes safe for all Etherians.


The Lady-Bug


cooler than a batmek

Yes, that's my custom False Face

i don't use photoshop so you will always see the fishing wire

I wanted another female Horde member so I created The Lady-Bug. She's royalty & Ladybugs already have an Evil Horde color scheme. I was going to give her wings but then I found this Spider-Man plane that looks like a spaceship, so I put her inside it, painted the wings black & called it a Horde Flyer.


Soldiers of Eternia

spector took them to the past to help princess rana

The soldiers of Eternia are seen in the Mini-comic The Power of Point Dread, where some of them die, & in the Mini-comic The Magic-Stealer. They are part of the more serious Mini-ternia that existed before the cartoon.

They should each be wearing a Mighty Spector harness but it turned out to be nearly impossible to get 6 of those. They shouldn't be wearing gloves but I decided to leave the red gloves on because painting them flesh color would be pointless & replacing them with other hands would be too expensive. It would also be too expensive to replace their knee protectors. I bought the laser rifles on Shapeways & gave them all the weapons rack maces.

I decided not to use these colors:
Soldiers of Eternia
When Wun-Dar became the new He-Man, he founded the Soldiers of Eternia to protect the Royal Palace of Eternia from assaults by evil while he was away.
The soldiers would also accompany He-man on his travels to other parts of Eternia. Equipped with Tech-Zeyra Mk. 1 Guard Rifles, they are tough and fearless fighters.
They fought by Wun-Dar's side when He-Man forced Plundor to leave Eternia before Plundor eventually landed on the planet Draedus.
The Soldiers of Eternia were so vital that they performed their duty for both He-Mans: Wun-Dar & Oo-lar. They provided support when Oo-lar He-man defeated Cygor. They were eventually led by Man-at-Arms and became the predecessors of the Palace Guards.