Brightmoon Palace Guards

The Brightmoon Palace Guards are from the She-Ra cartoon. Below Adora leads them in a fight against Catra & some Horde Troopers. I finally painted the cartoon accurate Orb Staffs that I bought from Shapeways.

Brightmoon Guards Victorious
Orb Staff Sparring
Orb Staffs

The Orb Staffs are awesome but I still like the gold swords so those will be their back-up weapon.

Brightmoon Guards
Brightmoon Guards
Brightmoon Guards



The original Glimmer action figure from the 80s looked more like a warrior because it looked like she was wearing chain mail & armor. When I received the FAILmation color Glimmer I painted over the FAILmation colors so she went from aerobics instructor to warrior. I also painted a Bubble Power She-Ra shield for her.

Vintage Toy Color Glimmer

Vintage Toy Glimmer

FAILmation & Vintage Toy Color Glimmer

Glimmer Shields