She appeared in the Multiverse comic. I also made the Morc Rider & Queen Balina.

Heroic Ancient Scientist

Tehkee was one of the ancient scientists from Avion before The Great Wars. Her engineering abilities were instrumental in the creation of the original Talon Fighter, the Sky Sled & many of the flying machines that are in use today on Eternia.

Tehkee was Queen of Avion & helped spread scientific knowledge across all Eternia. She left behind many devices & machines that survived The Great Wars that Man-at-Arms & others used as inspiration.

Tehkee created the jetpacks that the Avionians use to fly when they are unable to recharge their flight magic from the Staff of Avion.


Morc Rider

 This guy was in a Spanish comic I read. I also made Gofo.

Evil Reptilian Cowboy
One day the Riders of Morc appeared on their horses in front of Castle Grayskull to notify He-Man that they were going to invade Eternia. The Sorceress created a portal for He-Man, Fisto & Buzz-Off to go to their world where He-Man was taken prisoner by the Riders. Fisto learned that the riders had invaded that dimension from somewhere else. He-Man was taken to the Morc king's palace where he was forced to fight a large monster. He-Man fought the monster which led to it killing the Morc king.
Most of the riders returned to their original realm, but one followed He-Man to Eternia where he joined Skeletor's Evil Warriors to get revenge for his fallen leader. Eventually he joined the Snake Men as Skeletor's spy.



He appeared in the Brazilian comic The Thermal Monster. I also made Mow-Dor & Melog.

Heroic Lava Sultan
Adora passed through a trans-dimensional passage on a mission from Light Hope to defend the kingdom of Tronar from The Horde but she was captured by the Lava Men in the Desert of Fire. The king of the Lava Men, Gofo, promised to aid She-Ra after she re-directed the river of lava back into their land, saving them.
Hordak captured Princess Angel of Tronar, compelling the King to release The Thermal Monster which Hordal sent into the Whispering Woods. She-Ra tried to fight the Thermal Monster but needed to call on Gofo to help defeat it.
Gofo can command lava & flames. She-Ra can summon him by speaking through any fire. He uses his pyrokinetic abilities to re-direct flames & heat, as a member of the Great Rebellion.



This guy was in the Obelisk mini-comic. I bought his mace. I also made Lionor, Minox & Battleground Skeletor.

Evil Rhinoceros Warrior
Once a year a great obelisk rises from the ground. Its powers and meaning are always 
different. The obelisk holds powerful secrets. Enormous powers are trapped inside but there are good powers and evil powers both can be released. Skeletor learned that if said "power to evil" he would be given a villain to fight against He-Man. 
Skeletor said the words & the Obelisk released Mow-Dor who exclaimed "I mow down anything in my path. I fight for evil." Mow-dor uses the horn on his head to impale things in front of him. His great strength & speed allow him to knock down almost anything in his way.