This guy was in the Obelisk mini-comic. I bought his mace. I also made Lionor, Minox & Battleground Skeletor.

Evil Rhinoceros Warrior
Once a year a great obelisk rises from the ground. Its powers and meaning are always 
different. The obelisk holds powerful secrets. Enormous powers are trapped inside but there are good powers and evil powers both can be released. Skeletor learned that if said "power to evil" he would be given a villain to fight against He-Man. 
Skeletor said the words & the Obelisk released Mow-Dor who exclaimed "I mow down anything in my path. I fight for evil." Mow-dor uses the horn on his head to impale things in front of him. His great strength & speed allow him to knock down almost anything in his way.

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