Lt. Marron

The Lieutenant was in two episodes: The Rainbow Warrior & Mistaken Identity. I decided he got a promotion so he should have different armor. I also made Snargg & Jailor.



This obscure guy appeared in a New Adventures He-Man episode, he was a member of The Ugly Bunch. I also made Bandwidth, Kayo & The Crimson Fury.

Evil Mutant Sharpshooter

Snargg was a member of The Ugly Bunch, a group of outlaws on Denebria. They surrounded Flipshot & Spinwit, after Flipshot was appointed sheriff of Gorn City, to free the brother of their leader. After they were defeated by He-Man, The Ugly Bunch left Gorn City but FLogg kidnapped Snargg & forced him to join his Space Mutants. Snargg no longer tries to escape after all his failed attempts.

Snargg has a cybernetic right eye with three pupils that let him shoot with incredible accuracy with both hands & he hardly ever misses.



This guy was only in 1 of the new mini-comics. I bought his unique parts on shapeways. I also made Aramesh & the Dark Riders.

Heroic Master of Audio Communication

Bandwidth was one of King Grayskull's warriors in Preternia helping train Dare in codes & Cyphers. Like the other Heroic Warriors, Bandwidth was present at the funeral of He-Ro. 

The Master of Audio Communication's antenna staff enabled the Heroic Warriors to communicate with each other over great distances even across the stars. His communication network was essential during the First Ultimate Battleground. Centuries later, his appearance was reincarnated in Man-E-Faces' robot form.