She's so obscure she appeared in 1 panel of  issue 3 of the He-man Multiverse comic. I also made the Gnoll.

Multiversal Cosmic Enforcer

When Anti-He-Man began traveling between universes, Apokrifa, the female Cosmic Enforcer noticed that the multiversal balance was being disturbed. She assembled the Cosmic Enforcers of the multiverse after an emergency session of the Overlords of Trolla. She brought The Mighty Spector, Strobo, Zodac, Zodak & Zodack to the Interrealm, her domain. They were unable to stop Anti-He-Man as he was able to fight them & escaped by punching the Mighty Spector into a hyper-detail universe. Apokrifa assisted the defeated Cosmic Enforcers & vowed to prevent any more disturbances to the multiverse herself, without waiting for permission.