Lady Slither

I didn't use her official design, which you can see in the mini-comic He-man vs Skeletor The Final Battle. Instead I went with her concept-art outfit. I bought her head & bra from Plastic Curves. Her staff is from Evil Mike. I also made Laser Power Platino & Princess Rana.

Evil Snake Sorceress.

Lady Slither, one of the Unnamed One’s Viper Lords, was sent to Trolla when the Kaydex Crystal was destroyed. Using her mind-controlling spells she assembled her Revenge Squad to breach the Temple of Power. But she was stopped by the Defenders of Trolla.

After the Second Ultimate Battleground, Fang-Or, the Snake Troopers & Lord Gr’Asp joined Lady Slither on Trolla. When she returned to Eternia she joined forces with Kobra Khan's Diabolical Snakes. They attacked Eternia while He-Man was on Primus. She & her snake men then joined King Hsss after his resurrection. 


Laser Power Platino

I also made Master of Eternity He-man, Great Black Wizard & Butthead

Heroic Master of Laser Light

After his village was nearly decimated by the giant robot Cibernum, Platino left Argonia to join He-man & the Masters of the Universe in order to help prevent more evil robot attacks. Although he has a general distrust of all sentient robots, Platino embraces the use of technology because parts of Cibernum were used to construct farming equipment by Man-At-Arms. Master of Eternity He-man gave Platino The Laser Power from Trolla's Temple of Power. He also assigned Platino to patrol Eternia's small villages to defend them from independent warlords & Skeletor's Evil Warriors.


Great Black Wizard

I hate his official design, so I copied the Hadleyverse version. I guess this is before he lost his legs & had them replaced with robot legs. I bought the head pre-painted & I bought his chest symbol unpainted.

Great Black Wizard - Evil Sorcerer Warlord 

The Great Black Wizard started his monstrous creations during Preternia. He created Draego-Man & gave Snake Face the power to turn victims into stone. He also killed the blacksmith who forged The Sword of Gaz & took the sword as a prize. During a battle at Xarkoran he damaged the Gem of Tamadge which led to the creation of Plasmar. Vikor, the blacksmith's son later took back the Sword of Gaz after defeating Draego-man.

The Great Black Wizard fought in the 2nd & 3rd Ultimate Battlegrounds alongside the Horde & the Snake Men. While being mostly independent, he could count on his ally the vampiric Crimson Countess.



 I bought the sword from Evil Mike. I also made Eternity Power He-Man, the Shadow Troopers & Battleground Horde Prime.

HE-SOL Battle Armored Master of Solar Strength

On a different Eternia in the multiverse, He-Man distributed the Power of Grayskull to a team of new Masters  of the Universe, which he called the He-Force. He-Sol & his solar-powered strength, received the power of Battle Armor to protect him. The He-Force traveled to Anti-Eternia & fought against Anti-Eternia He-Man, who had killed different versions of  He-Man across the multiverse. One He-Man that was killed had traveled to Earth with Gwildor's Cosmic Key where they met Dt. Lubic who moved to Eternia. He-Sol was sent by Master of Eternity He-Man to help rebuild that Eternia's Castle Grayskull & defend it against threats both old & new.


Battleground Horde Prime

This is how Horde Prime looked in the UK comics. He had multiple color variations, but this is the one that I remembered the most.