I bought the sword from Evil Mike. I also made Eternity Power He-Man, the Shadow Troopers & Battleground Horde Prime.

HE-SOL Battle Armored Master of Solar Strength

On a different Eternia in the multiverse, He-Man distributed the Power of Grayskull to a team of new Masters  of the Universe, which he called the He-Force. He-Sol & his solar-powered strength, received the power of Battle Armor to protect him. The He-Force traveled to Anti-Eternia & fought against Anti-Eternia He-Man, who had killed different versions of  He-Man across the multiverse. One He-Man that was killed had traveled to Earth with Gwildor's Cosmic Key where they met Dt. Lubic who moved to Eternia. He-Sol was sent by Master of Eternity He-Man to help rebuild that Eternia's Castle Grayskull & defend it against threats both old & new.

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  1. Dt. Lubic... meaning Detective Lubic or something else? Defensive Tackle Lubic?