Lady Slither

I didn't use her official design, which you can see in the mini-comic He-man vs Skeletor The Final Battle. Instead I went with her concept-art outfit. I bought her head & bra from Plastic Curves. Her staff is from Evil Mike. I also made Laser Power Platino & Princess Rana.

Evil Snake Sorceress.

Lady Slither, one of the Unnamed One’s Viper Lords, was sent to Trolla when the Kaydex Crystal was destroyed. Using her mind-controlling spells she assembled her Revenge Squad to breach the Temple of Power. But she was stopped by the Defenders of Trolla.

After the Second Ultimate Battleground, Fang-Or, the Snake Troopers & Lord Gr’Asp joined Lady Slither on Trolla. When she returned to Eternia she joined forces with Kobra Khan's Diabolical Snakes. They attacked Eternia while He-Man was on Primus. She & her snake men then joined King Hsss after his resurrection.