Princess Rana

I figured she needed something extra in order to make her a Master of The Universe so now she has magic powers like Vixen. I tried to give her simple X's on the sides of her dress but the female MOTUC body made that look terrible so her side straps cover more. I guess an official one would need to use the Battleground Teela body, I didn't use one because I needed the bare arms. Once again the head is where I have trouble because I had to use another Glimmer head. She's from the He-man Mini-Comic Slave City

Princess Rana
When He-man rescued her city, Targa, from Lodar, Princess Rana realized that she needed to learn how to defend herself & her people. She trained with her warriors until she was as dangerous as any fighter in Targa. Rana the warrior princess was proud that many of her people had become Palace Guards thanks to her. When The Snake Men invaded Eternia, Princess Rana knew that her fighting skills weren't enough to defend her great city of Targa. She went to the Sorceress who gave Princess Rana a repaired Shaping Staff. Rana can now call upon the spirit animals of the Evergreen Forest to channel their strength & special talents.

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