Horde Kittens

These two appear in the Golden Heroic Champions Books Too Long at The Fair. Their appearance varies so I had to decide which look they should have. I started with the orange shirt kitten & kept Katrina a brunette like in the right panel (below). Then I used the left panel for Felicia, the white haired Kitten. I ignored the cover because it's entirely different from the inside of the book.

Horde Kittens

After the Horde invaded Etheria, most of the inhabitants tried to adjust to their new life of living in constant fear. Others joined The Great Rebellion but there were a few Etherians who joined the Horde. Twin sisters Katrina & Felicia joined the Horde & worked their way up the ranks to become advance scouts. Because they were natives of the kingdom of GreenGlade, they easily blended in with the crowds and would spy on villages before the Horde would move in. They were promoted to Catra's invasion unit & became known as "Horde Kittens."
Shadow Weaver used her black magic to give them the power of compulsion, which only worked when they were together. Their mind control powers are not that powerful but the kittens are strong enough to compel even someone like Castaspella to obsessively continue performing a task. They are each an expert swordstress thanks to the training they received from Octavia.


  1. Fantastic work! Very creative! Once again, you take some lesser known characters, and knock it out of the park!

    1. thanks! i think i'm safe making these obscure characters, so that mattel doesn't release a way better version, lol.