This is the Ladybird book version of Delora. I also made Ghoulee & the Gargon.

Heroic Wife of Stratos
After the Siege of Avion, when Delora was captured by the Ilkorts, she changed her appearance so that she would not be recognized by skeletor. She & Stratos moved to Avion and she eventually became an official Avionian.
Delora was granted the power of flight by absorbing The Emerald staff of Avion's magic just like the other Avionians. After she was kidnapped by a Wyvern sent by Skeleter, she vowed never again to be a bargaining chip & joined the Masters of the Universe fighting at the side of her husband Stratos.
She was entrusted with the 2nd staff of Avion which was restored by the re-awakening.



Ghoulee & other Ghost Gars appeared in this comic. I also made Mendor & Master of Eternity He-Man

Evil Master of Stealth
On another Eternia the Gar became a ghost people after they did not have contact with the outside in a thousand years due to the law Saryn killed King Grayskull. The Gar lived in the shadows haunted by the witch Saryn who lives in the woods of Anwat-Gar. 
The nameless Gar used their paralytic herbs to poison He-Man in exchange Hordak would spare them the darkness of his Fright Zone; but it was a lie, Tri-Klops had deceived them. Despite their 2nd betrayal, He-Man forgave them, liftting the curse & the law.
Ghost Gar wear King Grayskull's symbol as a reminder of their betrayal. But one Gar Female was angry about the Gar's treatment & did not accept He-Man's forgiveness. She sought out Skeletor & joined his Evil Warriors as his spy using her powers of stealth & shadows. Skeletor named her Ghoulee.