Winged Mosquitor

I told myself I wouldn't customize the new Masters of the Universe Classics action figures even they though they are easier to customize because of the modular parts. But then I received a free Buzz-Off figure (because they assembled Frosta with reversed forearms) the same month that I received my Mosquitor. So I painted the wings silver to match his boots and added tiny clear hair bands to each wing post so that they are now poseable.



Who is this guy? This guy is a bard. He was never on the cartoon, nor in the mini-comics or regular comics. He was the narrator of the live He-man Power Tour. I tried to use existing He-man parts to make him so he is missing a set of chest straps. I had to give him a cape & a metal diamond on his chest. The lightning on his legs isn't that sharp but I'm not an artist. He had a futuristic electric guitar on the tour so I glued together two He-man weapons to make him an axe. Get it? Songster