Doom Troopers

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My Custom Doom Troopers: The Doom Troopers appear in the mini-comic "A Clash of Arms" & are pretty plain with just grey steel armor. Masters of The Universe Classics has a lot of details so I added some details like leaving the black straps & purple bat on the battle armor. I also gave them matching black strap legs & the monster feet.

Here is the panel where He-Man shoots one of them:

Their weapons are Savage Long Barrel Blaster Pistols from the vintage Castle Grayskull cardboard weapons rack. I bought them from DJ Force. I also customized Princess Misand & the Eternian Soldiers.

When King Randor created the Mystic Wall of separation between the Light & Dark Hemispheres, many Eternians were trapped in the Dark Hemisphere to live under Skeletor's rule. Those abandoned humans came to depend on The Overlord of Evil & joined him due to their hatred of the Light Hemisphere. Many humans from cities such as Foodar, Oberon & Arcadia enlisted to become Skeletor's Doom Troopers. The Doom Troopers enforce Skeletor's will across the Dark Hemisphere, collect taxes & maintain order at various locations like The Circle of Doom in Targa.



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He's named Tug O'Wharr in the new classics minicomic but I didn't like that name so to me The Warrior in Yellow Who is Participating in a Tug Of War is called Tugowor. I got his head from Karak Nul. Zodak's staff is from Evil Mike. Cadoz's sword, Skeletor's shield & Fangman's shield are from Spy Monkey Creations. I customized that Fangman & Tekno.

Heroic Master of the Cosmic Balance

Tugowor became an expert with the cosmic lasso as a Dragon wrangler on Dragosaur Isle. He captured dragons during the Great Wars as one of the Free People of Eternia. He often fought Granamyr until the Truce of the Three Towers, when Tugowor left Eternia to become Leader of the cosmic Enforcers.
Tugowor helps the Cosmic Enforcers maintain a neutral stance on issues that affect the universal balance & he single handedly pulled Eternia back together after the Unnamed One blew it apart.
Tugowor returns whenever his dragon wrangling skills are needed. His favorite pastime has been named in his honor.


Robot Defenders

These are my Remco Robot Defenders & Robot Renegades from the 80s:

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They come with a pretty interesting story:


At the Dollar Tree I found 3 new robots from a line called "Robot Defender."


Their story is sort of like Pacific Rim:


I bought a few extras & customized them.


The ones with silver limbs are now Robot Defenders 2.0 & the ones with black limbs are now Robot Renegades 2.0

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I decided I may as well give them names too.

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The Remco Robot Defenders & Robot Renegades had vehicles on the back of their packages but those were never made, so my collection is complete.


Orc Underlings

In the comic one has a laser pistol but I had the axes & shields from my palace guards & thought they looked more savage with those. They should have barefeet but I decided not to paint them orange. I may change my mind. I bought the heads from Karak Nul. I also made the the Soldiers of Eternia & the Imperial Guards.

Skeletor has Shokoti splice Gar DNA into the small Orcs to create their current size after a few of them disobeyed him while wearing The Masks of Power. The Orc Underlings live in the Hidden City of Jatoria, which can only be accessed by traveling dep under Snake Mountain & by crossing an underground sea. When Skeletor had control of Point Dread & The Talon Fighter, Tri-Klops led an army of Orc Underlings against the Soldiers of Eternia. These savage Subternian warriors are enemies of the Kex Kingdom & fiercely loyal to Skeletor.