Orc Underlings

In the comic one has a laser pistol but I had the axes & shields from my palace guards & thought they looked more savage with those. They should have barefeet but I decided not to paint them orange. I may change my mind. I bought the heads from Karak Nul. I also made the the Soldiers of Eternia & the Imperial Guards.

Skeletor has Shokoti splice Gar DNA into the small Orcs to create their current size after a few of them disobeyed him while wearing The Masks of Power. The Orc Underlings live in the Hidden City of Jatoria, which can only be accessed by traveling dep under Snake Mountain & by crossing an underground sea. When Skeletor had control of Point Dread & The Talon Fighter, Tri-Klops led an army of Orc Underlings against the Soldiers of Eternia. These savage Subternian warriors are enemies of the Kex Kingdom & fiercely loyal to Skeletor.

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