He's from He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #6 so he's somewhat obscure, I bought the sword & shield from Evil Mike & the head from Plastic Curves.

Heroic Rebel Leader

On Anti-Eternia, Prince Keldor was contacted by Rebel Leader He-Man from another universe to help stop Anti He-Man, who was on a rampage across the Masterverse, killing each universe's He-Man to take the Power of Grayskull. Rebel Leader He-Man took Keldor into the future to Primus where a dying Intergalactic Skeletor gave Anti-Keldor his staff. Anti-Keldor used the staff to focus his magical abilities. They chased Anti He-Man to different universes until they returned to Anti-Eternia where the staff was destroyed but Master of Eternity He-Man distracted Anti He-Man so that Anti-Keldor could raise The Power Sword, receive the Power of Grayskull & defeat Anti He-Man.


Repulsive Reptiles

I bought the mini-comic snake men heads from Orsogranito. They were in the vintage mini-comic King of the Snake Men. The Bionatops hunter was in the Classics mini-comic The Powers of Grayskull: He-Ro Unleashed. The Rattlesnake Mountain Ring guard was in the MOTWWEU Goldberg mini-comic. I also made Jailor & the Galactic Guards.

Thousands of years ago, King Hiss ruled several planets in this universe. King Hiss & his Repulsive Reptiles held the galaxies in an iron grip. Then King Hiss came to Eternia & took Snake Mountain for his throne. A Rattlesnake Mountain Ring guard forced warriors to fight. King Hiss's forces swept across the land destroying all in their path. A hooded snakeman hunted Triceratops. They came to the palace of Eternia & fought a vicious battle. The might of the Council of Elders was too concentrated for King Kiss. Their combined power hurled them into another dimension.


King Grayskull

This is more of a repair than a custom. First his feet crumbled so I replaced them with feet from a Superman Vs He-Man, then his hips crumbled. So I moved all the pieces onto a Mo-Larr torso. Now I have a King Grayskull I can pose.


The Reptile Men

They were in the episode House of ShokotiI bought the heads & weapons from Eternal CustomsI also made the Lizardmen, Mystika & Salamandor

The Reptile Men are a rogue reptilian tribe that lives in the Desert Of Time. They're scavengers, raiders and thieves. At one time they were hired by Lord Masque as soldiers to stop Melaktha and his associates from excavating the House of Darkness. They attacked at night, but were defeated by the combined efforts of He-Man, Ram Man, and Orko. 

Although they are descendants of the original Snake Men they were unaware of their heritage. When Lord Masque brought them to Snake Mountain to serve Skeletor, they learned about their history & joined the Snake Men.



Mystika is from the UK comics. I also made Sultra.

Heroic Magical Fairy

Mystika visited Eternia from a magical world in a different dimension. As wood did not exist on her world, she could not use her magic on anything made of wood. She was trapped beneath a fallen tree trunk when Snout Spout came to her aid. Although her magic is usually used to give things to people, she granted him his innermost wish by transforming him back into his human form. She also granted him the ability to return to his cyborg form, which he did.

Mystika returned to Eternia to visit Snout Spout but was trapped on Eternia by Skeletor & Sultra. Unable to return home, Mystika joined Snout Spout as a Heroic Warrior eventually becoming Jaxton's wife.