Mystika is from the UK comics. I also made Sultra.

Heroic Magical Fairy

Mystika visited Eternia from a magical world in a different dimension. As wood did not exist on her world, she could not use her magic on anything made of wood. She was trapped beneath a fallen tree trunk when Snout Spout came to her aid. Although her magic is usually used to give things to people, she granted him his innermost wish by transforming him back into his human form. She also granted him the ability to return to his cyborg form, which he did.

Mystika returned to Eternia to visit Snout Spout but was trapped on Eternia by Skeletor & Sultra. Unable to return home, Mystika joined Snout Spout as a Heroic Warrior eventually becoming Jaxton's wife.

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  1. Nice never even heard of her I love when I discover a new character have to look in the encyclopedia for her