I also made Pebblass.

Evil Green-Skinned Witch

Originally the Lead Witch of The Evil Horde, during the Great Wars, Sultra was able to distill magic from the Book of Living Spells into a precious immortal elixir with which she made the Evil Horde ageless. She mysteriously vanished during Preternian times & reappeared on Eternia thousands of years later. Sultra  operated independently on Eternia until she joined Scareglow's supernatural cabal & helped to nearly plunge Eternia into eternal darkness. Afterwards she was befriended by Evil-Lyn in an attempt to take Castle Grayskull themselves, but after being defeated by the Sorceress, Sultra joined her new friend as one of Skeletor's Evil Warriors. Sultra has a steam-powered broom which she uses to fly away from danger.

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