Repta was in the episode "The Origin of the Sorceress" with two other Horde Invaders but I only made this Evil Horde Scout because he's a snakeman. I also made King Tamusk & a Horde Tung before the official one was released. Head from Eternal Customs. Kuduk Ungol staff from Evil Mike



Melaktha is boring, there is nothing special about him so I made him the Galactic Guardian Archaeologist

"Melaktha was summoned to the future by the last of mankind. He joined The Galactic Guardians, where he found new brave friends who gave him advanced tools & Galactic Protector armor to help him in his struggle against the forces of darkness."

His head is from Eternal Customs. I also made Aramesh & Captain Tibbar. Webstor's gun is from DJ Force & Shokoti's staff from Evil Mike.



This evil robot was in the episode Return of Evil. I bought the Head & symbol from Eternal Customs. I also made Sagitar.



I tried to make a hybrid of his cartoon & action figure look. I also made Butthead  Captain Tibbar.


Captain Tibbar

His name is Captain Tibbar (rabbit spelled backwards) but he's listed everywhere as captain dipper, which is wrong. He appeared in the New Adventures episode The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword or is it? I also made the Prison Star Guard & Meow.

Captain Tibbar 

Evil Mutant Animal Merchant

The owner of a Space Caravan that often traveled across the Tri-Solar System. His ship carried live animals that made his cargo hold smell & required the inspection by the Galactic Guardians. On one trip Skeletor & Slush Head stole one of his shuttle craft.

When Captain Tibbar went to recover his shuttle, Skeletor recruited him to become a permanent member of the Space Mutants Goon Squad. This descendant of Plundor now fights for Flogg when he isn't trying to make a profit.