I gave him armored clawed feet because I just wanted to make the mutants more mutated. I also made Linda, Spinwit & Crystoll.

Evil Head-Butting Mutant
A Denebrian Prizefighter who gave up his heavyweight title to take on all comers for Skeletor. With his telescoping neck he can strike like a cratersnake while staying out of his opponent's reach. Butthead uses his neck stretching talent and triple threat Space spear/battle blade/mega blaster to guard the gates of Skuldor and tell any Galactic Guardian intruders to butt out of Skeletor's business. He is in charge of the vehicles on the Mutant Mothership & is friends with Quakke. Butthead now considers Ram-Man his new arch-nemesis.

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  1. Whoa...Laser Light Arms? Is that a modified Hordak Armor?
    It looks amazing!