I bought the head from Eternal Customs. His ankles are loose, so he fell over & his tongue broke. I glued it back but I may just replace it with the lanyard.

Tung is a descendant of the Snake Men. He left his home in the Quagmi Swamp to join the Horde. He became a valuable member of the Evil Horde by using his long tongue to grab things. He also uses his tongue to immobilize members of The Great Rebellion by wrapping it around them.
Shadow Weaver convinced Tung to join King Hiss & the Snake Men as a spy during the Second Ultimate Battleground but Snake Face discovered his treachery and Tung had to leave Eternia. Tung headed back to the Tri-Solar System to join The Horde, with his arch-enemy Lizard Man in pursuit.



After the Horde has invaded Eternia, Catra came acrosss a giant Dylink princess from the Corridors of Lithos on Eternia. Catra attempted to control the large pink beast using her magicat mask but it did not work. The Dylink princess recognized Catra as the Queen of Felines & chose to become Catra's pet. Clawdeen gets along with Panthor but only because of their mutual hatred of Battle Cat. When Clawdeen is not carrying Catra into battle, she lounges in the branches of Catr's Tree-Plex in The Valley of The Lost.