Molochian Brute

These guys appeared in the MOTU UK Special. I also made Jet Pak & Lt. Marron.

Evil Savage Gar
Moloch's Mouth is a hurricane with an old legend about evil spirits invading Eternia. It can be defeated if you can reach the center of the hurricane, but when He-Man entered the center he was transported to another dimension where the sizes of things were not normal. He encountered giant spiders & giant snakes. He also discovered & defeated a giant hordak. That is where he met & fought the Moloch Brutes.
The Brutes were Gars who were sucked up into the giant hurricane & lived in that size dimension for years, losing most of their intelligence & becoming very territorial about their kingdom esentially de-evolving into brutes. One of them followed He-Man back to Eternia where he became one of Skeletor's Evil Warriors.