These guards appear in the She-Ra Golden book "Everything But Happiness" but I decided to name one Ptarmigan. I also made the Gargons, Minox & False Face.

Heroic Endorian Guard
During a visit to Frosta's Kingdom of Snows, Adora & Glimmer were captured by Endor's guards & taken to his castle. They escaped but She-Ra went back & learned that Etheria's greatest wizard Endor had stopped time in his castle but returned to normal time to steal magic to keep his wife alive & maintain his time spell.
After She-Ra cured King Endor's wife from her slumber, King Endor left one of his guards behind to join the Great Rebellion when his castle teleported to the Land of Legends.
Ptarmigan, like all Endorian Guards, can transform into a white bird. When he isn't fighting the Horde he lives in the Kingdom of Snows.



 I bought the Axe. I also made, Star Child & Garn.

When Skeletor invited he-man to meet him for a duel to the death, He-Man showed up to the forest only to discover it was a trap! He-Man fell underground & was confronted by Minox, a Mintoran whose whole body was electrified. Minox fired electric bolts from his horns but He-Man short-circuited the cyborg & escaped Minox's Labryinth. 

Minox originally was a brave soldier who felt abandoned by 
Lord Taurius when he was gravely injured defending their kingdom of Mintor. Nearing death, Minox was saved by being turned into a cyborg by Skeletor's minions. He then joined Skeletor's evil warriors in gratitude. 

After his defeat by He-Man, Minox's vulnerability to water was fixed. When he isn't fighting the Heroic Warriors he assists Jailor & Karg with the torture of captives in Snake Mountain’s Doom Room.


Star Child

The Star Child was in two episodes. This is her when she is an adult woman. I also made Lady Slither & the Palace Troopers.

Heroic Star Seed Avatar

The Star Child was fought over by Palos of the Cave Dwellers in the Crystal Mountains & the Tree People. He-Man brought her to the Royal Palace where he was able to convince both tribes to agree to protect the Star Child together. She was also sought after by Anghast. Because she was always in danger, Willen, leader of the Tree People, assigned Bowena to be her bodyguard.
  As a child she had the power to produce a feeling of affection, which was meant for creating peace. She could also stop power sources, create floating force shields & electrical fields. As an adult she learned that she is an avatar for the Star Seed & has enormous power.


Palace Troopers

The Palace Troopers appeared in Star Comics #12. I also made the Galactic Guards, Beast Protectors, Grayskull Guards, Eternian Soldiers & Kryon Guards.

Palace Troopers

When He-Man threw his sword at Skeletor's time bomb, it was lost in the future. With the Power Sword gone, Skeletor took over Eternia. Over 30 years later, the palace guards were now Skeletor's Palace Troopers. He-Man then traveled through time and prevented this from happening. 

When Evil-Lyn learned of this alternate timeline, she asked Hexon for help to travel there. She planned to prevent He-Man from erasing this future. The Mighty Spector became aware of this scheme & helped He-Man defeat Evil-Lyn & erase this timeline permanently but not before Evil-Lyn returned with some of the Palace Troopers as her personal army.


Beast Protectors

These girls appeared in the She-Ra episode Jungle Fever. I also made Melog, The Cat Goblins , the Snake Troopers & the Shadow Troopers. I decided those Mythic Legions Orcs are commanded by Prahvus.

The Beast Protectors live deep in the jungle on Beast Island in the Growling Sea of Etheria. They were originally Beast Warriors until Adora changed their tribe's identity. Previously they fought the jungle beasts, but now they live in peace with the island beasts. The tribe changed after Adora lost her memory escaping from the Horde prison on Beast Island & encountered Tondy the son of J'Milla, the leader of the Beast Warriors. She showed them that the beasts were not inherently evil. Some of the female Beast Protectors left Beast Island to join The Great Rebellion in The Whispering Woods. They are still savage warriors who use their skills to protect all the beasts on Etheria from The Evil Horde.