Soldiers of Eternia

spector took them to the past to help princess rana

The soldiers of Eternia are seen in the Mini-comic The Power of Point Dread, where some of them die, & in the Mini-comic The Magic-Stealer. They are part of the more serious Mini-ternia that existed before the cartoon.

They should each be wearing a Mighty Spector harness but it turned out to be nearly impossible to get 6 of those. They shouldn't be wearing gloves but I decided to leave the red gloves on because painting them flesh color would be pointless & replacing them with other hands would be too expensive. It would also be too expensive to replace their knee protectors. I bought the laser rifles on Shapeways & gave them all the weapons rack maces.

I decided not to use these colors:
Soldiers of Eternia
When Wun-Dar became the new He-Man, he founded the Soldiers of Eternia to protect the Royal Palace of Eternia from assaults by evil while he was away.
The soldiers would also accompany He-man on his travels to other parts of Eternia. Equipped with Tech-Zeyra Mk. 1 Guard Rifles, they are tough and fearless fighters.
They fought by Wun-Dar's side when He-Man forced Plundor to leave Eternia before Plundor eventually landed on the planet Draedus.
The Soldiers of Eternia were so vital that they performed their duty for both He-Mans: Wun-Dar & Oo-lar. They provided support when Oo-lar He-man defeated Cygor. They were eventually led by Man-at-Arms and became the predecessors of the Palace Guards.

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