Molochian Brute

These guys appeared in the MOTU UK Special. I also made Jet Pak & Lt. Marron.

Evil Savage Gar
Moloch's Mouth is a hurricane with an old legend about evil spirits invading Eternia. It can be defeated if you can reach the center of the hurricane, but when He-Man entered the center he was transported to another dimension where the sizes of things were not normal. He encountered giant spiders & giant snakes. He also discovered & defeated a giant hordak. That is where he met & fought the Moloch Brutes.
The Brutes were Gars who were sucked up into the giant hurricane & lived in that size dimension for years, losing most of their intelligence & becoming very territorial about their kingdom esentially de-evolving into brutes. One of them followed He-Man back to Eternia where he became one of Skeletor's Evil Warriors.


Jet Pak

This guy is based on the suit from the original Castle Grayskull & appeared in ussue 3 of & was made in origins. I also made Foul Fiend, Spinwit, Eyebeam & Space Ace.


Foul Fiend

These guys appeared in the mini-comic The Secret Liquid of Life. I bought the head & fin from Orsogranito. I also made Apokrifa, the Gnoll & Rescue Armor Teela



She's so obscure she appeared in 1 panel of  issue 3 of the He-man Multiverse comic. I also made the Gnoll.

Multiversal Cosmic Enforcer

When Anti-He-Man began traveling between universes, Apokrifa, the female Cosmic Enforcer noticed that the multiversal balance was being disturbed. She assembled the Cosmic Enforcers of the multiverse after an emergency session of the Overlords of Trolla. She brought The Mighty Spector, Strobo, Zodac, Zodak & Zodack to the Interrealm, her domain. They were unable to stop Anti-He-Man as he was able to fight them & escaped by punching the Mighty Spector into a hyper-detail universe. Apokrifa assisted the defeated Cosmic Enforcers & vowed to prevent any more disturbances to the multiverse herself, without waiting for permission.



The Gnoll appeared in the Geldor and The Secret Liquid of Life. His head & mane were made by Orsogranito. I also made Delora Uromastyx



This is the Ladybird book version of Delora. I also made Ghoulee & the Gargon.

Heroic Wife of Stratos
After the Siege of Avion, when Delora was captured by the Ilkorts, she changed her appearance so that she would not be recognized by skeletor. She & Stratos moved to Avion and she eventually became an official Avionian.
Delora was granted the power of flight by absorbing The Emerald staff of Avion's magic just like the other Avionians. After she was kidnapped by a Wyvern sent by Skeleter, she vowed never again to be a bargaining chip & joined the Masters of the Universe fighting at the side of her husband Stratos.
She was entrusted with the 2nd staff of Avion which was restored by the re-awakening.