Prison Star Guard

I decided to make all his accents different metallic colors instead of matching. I also made the Doom Troopers, Meow, Kayo, Colonel Blast & Limbor.

Prison Star Guard 
Heroic Peacekeeper

Skeletor once attempted to enter Castle Grayskull by traveling to another dimension in the multiverse that was closely aligned to his own. But his plan to use mystic portals were disturbed by a future Trap Jaw chased by Peacekeepers on this other Eternia in Infinita.

A Peacekeeper from this other dimension made his way to Skeletor's dimension in search of Trap Jaw and ended up becoming a Prison Star Guard. When he learned from Jitsu that Trap Jaw was on Eternia he was sent to Eternia to capture Trap Jaw. he joined the Masters helping them to capture many criminals that were sent to Prison Star.

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