Doom Troopers

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My Custom Doom Troopers: The Doom Troopers appear in the mini-comic "A Clash of Arms" & are pretty plain with just grey steel armor. Masters of The Universe Classics has a lot of details so I added some details like leaving the black straps & purple bat on the battle armor. I also gave them matching black strap legs & the monster feet.

Here is the panel where He-Man shoots one of them:

Their weapons are Savage Long Barrel Blaster Pistols from the vintage Castle Grayskull cardboard weapons rack. I bought them from DJ Force. I also customized Princess Misand & the Eternian Soldiers.

When King Randor created the Mystic Wall of separation between the Light & Dark Hemispheres, many Eternians were trapped in the Dark Hemisphere to live under Skeletor's rule. Those abandoned humans came to depend on The Overlord of Evil & joined him due to their hatred of the Light Hemisphere. Many humans from cities such as Foodar, Oberon & Arcadia enlisted to become Skeletor's Doom Troopers. The Doom Troopers enforce Skeletor's will across the Dark Hemisphere, collect taxes & maintain order at various locations like The Circle of Doom in Targa.

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