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He's named Tug O'Wharr in the new classics minicomic but I didn't like that name so to me The Warrior in Yellow Who is Participating in a Tug Of War is called Tugowor. I got his head from Karak Nul. Zodak's staff is from Evil Mike. Cadoz's sword, Skeletor's shield & Fangman's shield are from Spy Monkey Creations. I customized that Fangman & Tekno.

Heroic Master of the Cosmic Balance

Tugowor became an expert with the cosmic lasso as a Dragon wrangler on Dragosaur Isle. He captured dragons during the Great Wars as one of the Free People of Eternia. He often fought Granamyr until the Truce of the Three Towers, when Tugowor left Eternia to become Leader of the cosmic Enforcers.
Tugowor helps the Cosmic Enforcers maintain a neutral stance on issues that affect the universal balance & he single handedly pulled Eternia back together after the Unnamed One blew it apart.
Tugowor returns whenever his dragon wrangling skills are needed. His favorite pastime has been named in his honor.

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