Ghoulee & other Ghost Gars appeared in this comic. I also made Mendor & Master of Eternity He-Man

Evil Master of Stealth
On another Eternia the Gar became a ghost people after they did not have contact with the outside in a thousand years due to the law Saryn killed King Grayskull. The Gar lived in the shadows haunted by the witch Saryn who lives in the woods of Anwat-Gar. 
The nameless Gar used their paralytic herbs to poison He-Man in exchange Hordak would spare them the darkness of his Fright Zone; but it was a lie, Tri-Klops had deceived them. Despite their 2nd betrayal, He-Man forgave them, liftting the curse & the law.
Ghost Gar wear King Grayskull's symbol as a reminder of their betrayal. But one Gar Female was angry about the Gar's treatment & did not accept He-Man's forgiveness. She sought out Skeletor & joined his Evil Warriors as his spy using her powers of stealth & shadows. Skeletor named her Ghoulee.

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