The original Glimmer action figure from the 80s looked more like a warrior because it looked like she was wearing chain mail & armor. When I received the FAILmation color Glimmer I painted over the FAILmation colors so she went from aerobics instructor to warrior. I also painted a Bubble Power She-Ra shield for her.

Vintage Toy Color Glimmer

Vintage Toy Glimmer

FAILmation & Vintage Toy Color Glimmer

Glimmer Shields


  1. Darn! Now I need to get an extra Glimmer to do this to her... I wish we had gotten a curly haired second head for her.

    1. a curly head would have been great. i've been trying to find one but the wwe divas do not have curly hair. no boots swivels, no ab crunch but on the bright side we got a free marble.