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My Custom Vizar: I changed his powers & his bio, so now his powers are more in line with his appearance. His original vintage bio didn't make any sense. It's like they wrote it for someone else. My Vizar is all re-used parts, even the plastic on his visor is from a Classics package. I bought the Tri-Klops shield from Spy Monkey Creations. Spinwit & the Dark Troopers are also my customs.

Vizar: Heroic Surveillance Officer
Vizar is a brilliant Surveillance Officer from Olympic, an ancient city in the south region of Opal, the Western continent of Primus.

His Meka-Visor gives Vizar multiple types of special vision to help fight the Space Mutants. His DataVision lets him see through the illusions that Skeletor creates to deceive the Galactic Guardians. His PhotonVision allows him to see Electromagnetic radiation, which he used to find & destroy all of Flogg's TerroClaws. His ThermalVision allows him to see heat, even in the darkness of space.

Vizar is a brave member of the Galactic Guardians & is willing to give his life to protect Primus.

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