Battleground Catra

I used a Sweet Bee bodice & an Entrapta belt with a Hurricane Hordak loincloth. I customized her Kittens, Clawdeen & her Cat Goblins. I replaced Catra's shield jewel with a red one. I made one of her Catbirds from the She-Ra minicomic "Journey to Mizar" & I also customized that Tung. I bought Catra's Cat-form from Motu Custom Fernando Pinto & I bought Shadow Weaver's Crossbow from Evil Mike.

The wearing of the Magicat mask & her control of the Cat Goblins caused Catra to take on a more feline appearance befitting her title as Queen of Felines. During the Second Ultimate Battleground she finally exacted her revenge on Sea Hawk by ripping his throat open with her claws. Catra became so strong, thanks to the power she gained from her Kittens, that she no longer took orders from Hordak. Catra returned to the Tri-Solar system, taking over one planet after another with her ever-growing army of Cat Goblins.

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