The vintage Tekno came with the same 3 arm attachments as Trap Jaw but because my custom is a kind of Cosmic Marshall, I decided to give him a Hurricane Hordak attachment & a custom taser to apprehend criminals. I used Glow in the Dark paint on his eyes just like the original. I haven't gotten a good picture of it yet.

Tekno is a Cosmic Enforcer who is responsible for keeping the Evil Horde from invading Captain Glenn's galaxy. He was injured while imprisoning an insane criminal from the dimension of Infinita. When he left Prison Starr, his ship landed in the Terran village of Roswell. He was taken to a secret laboratory in Washington DC where Terran scientists were able to use the technology from his ship to heal him & replace his arm. Tekno is half human & half robot. His laser vision allows him to see in the dark. After Horde Prime systematically wiped out many of the Cosmic Enforceres he traveled back to Eternia to help Wun-Dar and to recruit more Cosmic Enforcers.

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