Princess Misand

She is based on a typical Arcadian Warrior woman from the He-man episode Trouble in Arcadia. The episode-based in-story moral is that men & women are not equal, we are different & complimentary.

The city of Arcadia used to be hidden from everyone on Eternia by a giant invisible force field until He-man & Teela crashed into it. The force field was powered by Arcalite, which was mined from underground deposits by men who were all enslaved by the Arcadian women.

He-man & Teela destroyed the dome & changed the society of Arcadia forever. When Queen Sumana freed all the men from slavery & started a new era of equality in her city of Arcadia, her daughter, Princess Misand, was consumed by anger & hatred.

Princess Misand left Arcadia & learned of Evil-lyn's attempts to grab power. Traveling to the dark hemisphere, Princess Misand pledged her allegiance to Evil-lyn.

Princess Misand has a hatred of all males, especially Strong-Or, and is just as likely to fight Geldor as she is to fight Snout Spout. She tries to avoid fighting other females because as the former Captain of the Arcadia warriors, she is a highly skilled fighter.

Princess Misand acted as Evil-lyn's spy & briefly joined the Horde. After the Second Ultimate battleground she traveled to the future as Evil-lyn's bodyguard.

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