Captain Geerz

This is my SteamPunk Evil Horde Airship Captain. He was originally going to have goggles on his forehead but I ended up using the Dawg-O-Tor head which was pretty close. I added a gear to a crossbow I bought on Shapeways & a gear to his Kronis arm. I purchased those Horde Airship Trooper heads.

5,000 years ago Captain Geerz was an aristocrat who commanded one of the many Horde airships filled with Aether. His Horde Patrol Unit was responsible for kidnapping creatures for the Horde Empire. His arm was injured when he kidnapped a warrior on the planet Jungulia. He was healed using the preternian technology available at the time & was equipped with a steam powered jetpack.

While in pursuit of the cosmic key, Cy-chop followed Gwildor to Preternian times before the Great Wars. Cy-Chop enlisted the help of Captain Geerz & they both pursued Gwildor back to Eternia where Captain Geerz stayed to fight in the Second Ultimate Battleground.

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